Pan Mac wins Total War series

Pan Mac wins Total War series

Pan Macmillan has acquired a new adventure series in a joint acquisition with US sister company, Thomas Dunne Books, beating eight other publishers. The four books will be original stories developed from the video game, Total War: Rome II.

Adult Books division publisher Jeremy Trevathan bought world rights in the series through Luigi Bonomi. The first book will be published in October 2013 to tie in with the global release of the game.

Author David Gibbins will collaborate with developers The Creative Assembly to create original stories set in the world of the epic game Total War: Rome II, the next title in the bestselling franchise of strategic war games published by Sega.

Trevathan said: "We are delighted to be working with one of the most successful games franchises on the market. What is also particularly exciting is that they have an in-built, committed community of players who are emotionally engaged with the games and who have told their researchers that they are hungry for more 'story-telling' within the games and around the games."

Pan Macmillan and Sega will work together to cross-promote the novels, including marketing within the game itself.