Pan Mac wins 10-way auction for Raz's business guide

Pan Mac wins 10-way auction for Raz's business guide

Pan Macmillan has won a 10-way auction to publish a book on the "entrepreneurial path", How I Built This, from business podcaster Guy Raz.

Based on the Raz’s podcast, How I Built This: Life Lessons from the World’s Greatest Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Idealists will be published through Pan Macmillan’s business list on 3rd May 2020, retailing at £20 in hardback.

UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired by Robin Harvie, non-fiction publisher at Pan Macmillan, from Meredith Miller at United Talent, following an auction of 10 publishers.

The title will feature interviews with business insiders such as James Dyson, Michael Dell, Richard Branson and Howard Schultz, “offering invaluable insight, direction and advice to entrepreneurs at every point on this entrepreneurial path,” Pan Macmillan said. “It will teach them to overcome every conceivable problem and obstacle by giving them access to the wisdom and experience of the brilliant and determined people who made the journey.”

Raz is an American journalist and radio host, who currently works at National Public Radio, and presents the popular podcast “How I Built This”.

Harvie said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be publishing How I Built This based on the insights Guy has gleaned from the world’s top entrepreneurs on his brilliant podcast, which has become the go-to podcast for business leaders with over 200 million downloads to date.”

Raz added: “How I Built This isn’t just a show that chronicles the stories behind some of the biggest companies and brands of our time. It’s a show about human vulnerability and the sometimes wrenching choices and sacrifices people have to make to have an impact on the world. The book will be an invaluable collection of wisdom, advice, mistakes made and lessons learned from some of the most groundbreaking entrepreneurs in modern history.”