Tor bags Larkwood debut in three-book deal

Tor bags Larkwood debut in three-book deal

Pan Macmillan’s Tor imprint has signed a three-book deal with debut fantasy author A.K. Larkwood.

Editorial director Bella Pagan acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Tor US. First book The Unspoken Name will be published in spring 2020, coinciding with its release in the US.

Her debut is described as “epic coming-of-age fantasy fiction with a modern sensibility”. The publisher explained: “Csorwe was raised by a death cult steeped in old magic. And on her fourteenth birthday, she’ll be sacrificed to their god. But even as she waits for the end, she’s offered a chance to escape her fate. A sorcerer wants her as his assistant and his assassin. As this involves her not dying that day, she accepts. They spend years hunting for a powerful artefact, but this leads to a dangerous rift with her master – which turns her from his sword-hand to his nemesis.”

Larkwood, a law student who lives in Oxford, said: “I wanted to write a sweeping adventure with all the wizard’s towers, giant snakes and awful undead things that I’ve always loved. I had such a wonderful time writing The Unspoken Name – nothing to brighten up a train journey or waiting-room like exploring an ancient tomb – so it’s been brilliant to see how much enthusiasm Bella and her team have for the novel.”

Pagan added: “The Unspoken Name completely won me over. I fell for Larkwood’s compulsive plotting as this incredible adventure gathered speed. But her amazing characters with their complex relationships, their wit and their power-plays really kept me hooked. As ‘Game of Thrones’ continues to wow audiences, it’s a great time to publish brilliant fantasy fiction.”