Pan Mac thinks global again for February's Archer

Pan Mac thinks global again for February's Archer

Pan Macmillan is promising a “huge global transmedia campaign” across physical and digital for the fifth instalment of Jeffrey Archer’s Clifton Chronicles series, Mightier Than the Sword (Macmillan).

The book, which was originally planned to be the last book in the series before it was extended to seven books, will be released in the UK and Commonwealth on 26th February next year, and two days earlier in the USA and Canada.

This will be the second time Pan Macmillan has launched a global campaign for Archer. Earlier this year the fourth Clifton Chronicles novel, Be Careful What You Wish For, was released simultaneously in all the publisher’s territories.

Geoff Duffield, Pan Mac’s creative director, said: ‘The Jeffrey Archer brand-promise of ‘a fantastic read, guaranteed’ is a message that is reaching a fast-expanding global audience as worldwide sales of the Clifton Chronicles approach 4m copies.

“The fifth Clifton Chronicle, Mightier Than The Sword, will be published simultaneously around the world in February 2015, driven by a huge global transmedia campaign across both the physical and digital formats.”

Pan Mac has also released the jacket for Mighter Than the Sword. Art director James Annal said: “The approach for Jeffrey Archer’s book covers has been focused on both reflecting the broad historical scale of the ongoing saga - and also trying to appeal to the author's wide readership - in essence, creating the visual representation of the brand.

“In order to meet this aim we have tried to show an impression of the characters in the books, historical settings and a sense of exotic and nostalgic travel. In previous books we have been inspired by some classic movies - but the cover for this book is all about the characters in an intriguing, cold war setting.

“The typographic elements are designed to be impactful, confident and easy to read when browsing on e-book web pages.”

The Clifton Chronicles is a family saga spanning the lives of two families, the Cliftons and the Barringtons, during the 20th century.

Be Careful What You Wish For went to number one in the Original Fiction chart in the week of its release in March.