Pan Mac launches 'Wrapped with Love' Christmas campaign

Pan Mac launches 'Wrapped with Love' Christmas campaign

Pan Macmillan has launched a digital video campaign, "Wrapped with Love", to recommend perfect Christmas book gifts on mobile. 

The campaign has been timed to coincide with what Pan Macmillan refers to as the "peak gifting" period pre-Christmas (after Black Friday according to its research) and offers a series of 15-second 'how-to' videos showing social media users thoughtful gift recommendations and creative wrapping ideas.

Each of the "fast-paced" 15-second videos combine a book suggestion, easy gift ideas and creative wrapping techniques, with links to further book ideas online.

The videos, of which there are 15, will be based on "passions and personalities" rather than marketing demographics, according to Pan Macmillan. 

There are videos for the trickster, the health fiend, the hygge snuggler, the sports fan, the history lover, family stories, the escapist, the adventurer, the politico, the book lover, the crime fan, the thrill-seeker, the romantic, the thinker, and for animal lovers.

Whereas Penguin Random House launched its digital Christmas campaign, an online book recommendation engine called Flipper, in October, Pan Macmillan's initiative has been launched for the "peak gifting" period its research shows as falling between Cyber Monday and last postage dates. 

The videos are produced using "native video formats", meaning it can be viewed across all social media platforms, while "outstream editorial advertising" will ensure the content will only appear in relevant articles and features. Its social plans, "paid and organic", will complement the digital advertising to drive sales to Pan Macmillan's retail partners.

Sara Lloyd, head of communications at Pan Macmillan and The Bookseller's Futurebook Digital Leader of the Year 2016, said: "As Christmas approaches, consumers are bombarded with narrow product promotions - 'for mums', 'for dads', 'for kids' and so on. But real gift buyers want to show the people they love most just how important they are. They focus on their passions and personalities, choosing the perfect present and wrapping it with love."