Pan Mac joins creative writing surge

Pan Mac joins creative writing surge

Pan Macmillan is the latest publisher to start offering creative writing tutoring. It will begin running events, called Notebook Sessions, later this month.

Picador editor Francesca Main and journalist and former literary editor Suzi Feay will lead the first session, billed as a "gentle introduction to creative writing", and including both a workshop and a talk. It will be held at the Pan Macmillan King's Cross offices from 5-7 p.m. on 20th November.

Set up by publicity and digital communications manager Sandra Taylor, the programme is intended to be a series of “kickstarter creative workshops” with places currently free of charge. Taylor said: “We’re trying to work in a bit of a different way, to be a bit more quick and nimble, and not be afraid to fail . . . [The programme] is up in the air in a good way-I didn’t want to launch with a pinned-down programme, but to shape the sessions to what readers want.”

The publisher is giving away 12 free spaces on the event, choosing winners through a random prize draw, with Pan Macmillan asking for feedback on the session via a survey at the end of the event.

Though the first session is Picador-led, it is understood future sessions will come from other parts of the Pan Macmillan stable.