Pan Mac buys thriller about Library of Alexandria

Pan Macmillan has bought world rights in a novel discovered in the slush pile of Luigi Bonomi Associates.

Publishing director Wayne Brookes bought rights to The Lost Library and a second book by A M Blake from Thomas Stofer. The first book will be published in late 2012 as one of Pan Macmillan's "major launch titles".

The novel is a conspiracy thriller about the ancient library of Alexandria. Founded in the third century BC, it collected major works on mathematics, astronomy and physics but was destroyed under mysterious circumstances. The publisher said: "The Lost Library introduces young history Professor Emily Wess as she is drawn into the midst of a centuries-old ring of lies, deceit, and bloodshed—all in the quest for the world’s greatest single repository of truth, the Library of Alexandria."

Brookes said: "The Lost Library is the conspiracy thriller that I have been waiting for since I came to Pan Macmillan just over a year and a half ago. It’s filled with expertly drawn characters, great pace, and tantalising twists. It’s got everything than anyone could ask for in a thriller, and more."