Pan Mac buys six from School of Life

Pan Mac buys six from School of Life

Pan Macmillan has signed a six-book deal with London self-help bookshop The School of Life.

Editorial directors Liz Gough and Cindy Chan bought world rights in the series directly from The School of Life.

The “intelligent, rigorous, well-written" self-help titles are lined up for spring 2012, and will be written by authors including the founder of The School of Life, philosopher Alain de Botton, Simon Blackburn and John Armstrong. They will discuss issues such as work, sex, emotional health and self-esteem.

The School of Life, set up in 2008, runs seminars, talks and events from its shop in London’s Bloomsbury on topics such as “How Necessary is a Relationship” and “A Voyage In Epicuriosity”. The School also has a weekly column in the Observer.

Gough said: "The School of Life is an exciting and inspiring brand that offers something new and different and these books have the potential to turn the traditional self-help category on its head.

"These are books that will provoke questions, inspire people to expand their thinking and could even change the way we live our lives. I am delighted to be publishing this series."