Pan Mac buys guide to driving from Top Gear's 'Stig'

Pan Mac buys guide to driving from Top Gear's 'Stig'

Pan Macmillan has acquired an illustrated guide to driving by Ben Collins, formerly Stig of "Top Gear".

World rights in How to Drive: The Ultimate Guide – from the Man Who Was the Stig were acquired by non-fiction publisher Jon Butler from Mark Lucas at LAW.

Collins will share the skills he has refined over his 20 year driving career, which included stints as a NASCAR driver to piloting the Batmobile. He currently works as a Hollywood stunt driver, and has been in the last two films in the James Bond franchise.

Butler said: “Driving is one of the great pleasures of everyday life for millions of people – and by far the most dangerous.

“And yet most of us spend just 18 hours learning to drive – less training than a Starbucks barista has before being handed the keys to an espresso machine.

“Ben Collins is on a mission to make each of us the best driver we can be, and he’s written an incredibly entertaining, authoritative book that brings the joy back to driving for learners and experienced motorists alike.

“From making you look again at how you hold your gearstick to controlling a terrifying aquaplane slide on a wet motorway, this book is the perfect present for drivers of all ages and abilities and deserves to be a huge bestseller this autumn, and in the years to come.”

Collins said: “It only takes a little effort to make a big improvement in your driving, and the benefits last a lifetime. Whether you’ve been behind the wheel for the best part of 30 years or you bought your first L-plate ten seconds ago, this is the stuff your instructor missed, your dad forgot and your mates pretend to know . . . but don’t.”

Collins is previously the author of the autobiography The Man in the White Suit (HarperCollins).

How to Drive will be published in £19.99 hardback on 9th October.