Pan Mac and bks Agency host free demystifying publishing event

Pan Mac and bks Agency host free demystifying publishing event

Pan Macmillan and The bks Agency are running a free online event all week to demystify publishing for those curious about entering the industry.

Running from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. until 11th June, it has been organised by ERIC, an organisation which hosts immersive career festivals and an app for Generation Z creatives. Pan Mac has received more than 250 sign-ups across a range of ages and backgrounds.

The Get a Job in Publishing event series covers the publishing ecosystem and how it works, as well as providing an introduction to each of the main career paths available. Pan Mac experts include Sara Lloyd, communications director and executive sponsor for diversity, publishing director Kris Doyle, Bluebird publisher Carole Tonkinson, adult publishing m.d. Jeremy Trevathan and Belinda Rasmussen, m.d. of Macmillan Children’s Books.

Practical advice about CVs and networking is included and there are interactive sections to give participants a feel for things such as acquisition scenarios. The event ends with an open Q&A with Rasmussen and Rina Gulrajani, head of HR.

Lloyd said: “We’ve had a great experience working with the ERIC team since 2019 and are thrilled to be joining forces with The bks Agency to co-produce the Get a Job in Publishing event as part of our diversity and inclusion action plan. Our team can’t wait to welcome to our event hundreds of potential new entrants to publishing, and give them an insight into the broad range of opportunities there are for people from all backgrounds to make their mark in our exciting industry. We hope it’ll inspire participants to consider applying for a job in the industry.”

Samantha Hornsby, co-founder of ERIC, commented: “The publishing world is perfect for anyone who loves any form of storytelling, but so many young people don't know that. It's great that we're able to work with leaders  such as Pan Macmillan and The bks Agency to show new generations that publishing is an amazing career path that they probably haven't ever considered."

Those interested in attending can find out more online.