Palomar cookbook for Mitchell Beazley

Palomar cookbook for Mitchell Beazley

Mitchell Beazley has signed a cookbook from acclaimed London restaurant The Palomar.

The Octopus imprint signed the book in a "hotly contested" auction, acquiring world rights from Zoe Ross at United Agents.

The Palomar opened in Soho in 2014, serving food inspired by the cuisine of modern day Jerusalem, the Levant, north African and southern Spain. The Palomar Cookbook will feature recipes for the restaurant's signature dishes, including kubaneh bread and original cocktails, created by creative director Layo Paskin and head chef Tomer Amedi.

Publishing director Stephanie Jackson said: "The warmth and generosity you feel when you walk through the doors of The Palomar are delightful and infectious, and the glorious dishes they serve are rightly acclaimed. Eastern Mediterranean food is a huge, growing trend – and from the streets of Soho to the suburbs, home cooks are looking for new ways to enjoy what are now familiar foods and flavours. Combine that with incredible dishes from The Palomar, and you have a delicious new experience to share with family and friends. This could be the most exciting debut cookbook of 2016."

It will be published in August 22016, priced at £25.