PA and BESA launch textbook guides for publishers

PA and BESA launch textbook guides for publishers

The Publishers Association (PA) and the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA) have today launched guides to producing textbooks for publishers.

The guides cover Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Religious Education, Modern Foreign Languages and Computing and highlight the areas publishers should consider when producing school textbooks. Each guide is divided into sections such as content, tasks and exercises, and assessment and review.

The guide to Computing says, for example, that publishers should demonstrate “how computer science principles can be applied to illuminate or inspire teaching and learning in other subjects”, whilst the guide to Modern Languages says pupils should have the opportunity to listen to texts read by native speakers.

Colin Hughes, chair of the PA’s Education Publishers Council, said: “UK-produced textbooks have always been recognised as high quality, as evidenced by their widespread use internationally. However, publishers are not complacent - we know that there is always room for improvement, responding to new ideas and research findings from around the world.

“Given the recent changes to the UK curriculum, and ministers' eagerness to see students here being able to work from world-leading resources, this seemed an opportune moment to work collaboratively as an industry to embed this quality further.”

The guidelines are available to download from the PA’s website.