P D James wins at Women of the Year Awards

P D James wins at Women of the Year Awards

Crime novelist P D James has won the Sacla' Women of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award at today's Women of the Year awards ceremony.

Sue MacGregor, presenting the award, said P D James had "continued to enthrall millions around the world with her books" across six decades, while Sacla' UK m.d. Clare Blampied called the author "inspirational".

James said she was "proud and privileged" to win, adding: "During my long life I have seen remarkable and far-reaching changes in the influence, status and achievement of women, and though there is much to be done, not least in the fields of business and politics, it is right that once a year we celebrate together what women have contributed in so many areas of our national life."

Also winning at the awards were writer and activist Zainab Salbi, the Team GB Olympic and Paralympic women medallists, Doreen Lawrence and Alzheimer's campaigner Kate Woolveridge.

The awards sponsors are Barclays, Good Housekeeping, Sacla' and ITV1's "Lorraine".