Oyelowo to star in film of Younge's book

Oyelowo to star in film of Younge's book

David Oyelowo, Allegiance Theater and Double E Pictures are to produce a film of Guardian Faber non-fiction title A Day in the Death of America by the Guardian's editor-at-large Gary Younge.

Exclusive feature film and life rights to A Day in the Death of America were acquired by film and television production companies Allegiance Theatre and Double E Pictures. Oyelowo is attached to star and produce.

On Saturday, 23rd November 2013, 10 children were shot dead. The youngest was nine; the oldest was nineteen. They fell in suburbs, hamlets, and ghettos. None made the national news. It was just another day in the death of America, where on average seven children and teens are killed by guns daily.

Oyelowo will portray Younge, who embarks on a story across America to track down the family members of the 10 victims. What starts out as an assignment full of challenges, becomes a personal mission. He knows how these children died -- he wants to tell the stories of how they lived. What emerges is a "sobering, searing, portrait of youth and guns in contemporary America", the publisher has said.

Another Day in the Death of America will be published by Guardian Faber on 29th September in the UK, and by Nation Books on 4th October in the US.

The deal was brokered by Gary Younge’s representative, Luke Speed at Curtis Brown UK.