OWN IT! partners with Grime record label on Adenuga memoir

OWN IT! partners with Grime record label on Adenuga memoir

OWN IT! is to partner with Grime music label Boy Better Know to co-publish the memoir of Ifeomagwu “Ify” Adenuga, the mother of the label's founders. 

The independent label was set up by brothers Joseph Junior Adenuga and Jamie Adenuga, known as Skepta and JME. Their sister, broadcaster Julie Adenuga, was the former voice of Apple Music Beats 1 Radio, and their brother Jason Adenuga is a producer, graphic designer and illustrator. The memoir, Endless Fortune, tells the story of their mother, who raised four children who have gone on to "help shape contemporary black British culture".

The synopsis describes the book as "the first of its kind". It says: "From the mother of a family of successful British creatives, Endless Fortune examines the experience of the African diaspora and the complications around immigration from a personal perspective. This book is a timely addition to the ongoing conversation around migration and immigration in the UK. With Ify Adenuga at the very heart of the story, it explores the chasm between Lagos and London and how to not only survive but thrive in a new culture and country. For those who are fans of the Adenuga family, the book is also a fascinating insight into their childhood and growing up as part of a new generation of young, black, British people whose voices are still rarely heard."

Ify Adenuga moved to London from Lagos in 1980 and received a BA in Education and Film Studies. She works with organisations across the UK and Nigeria to support young people and "help them lead independent lives in safe communities".

In a statement, OWN IT! said: "Ify is an inspirational woman with an exceptional story that everyone needs to read. A story not just of struggle and survival but also of an uncompromising spirit and a defiance in always being proud of who she is and where she’s from whilst forging ahead no matter what — qualities that are clear to see in her children Skepta, JME, Julie and Jason Adenuga.

"We couldn’t be more proud to be partnering with one of the most pioneering and influential British record labels in Boy Better Know — which, true to their mum’s spirit, has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined the rules to bring this vital story to the world."

The book will be released in hardback on 15th October.