Owlet Press acquires Sahota's debut picture book

Owlet Press acquires Sahota's debut picture book

Owlet Press has acquired Little Glow by debut author Katie Sahota, a picture book observing the inspiring ways an inclusive community celebrates light throughout the year, to be illustrated by Harry Woodgate.

Sam Langley-Swain, founder and m.d. of Owlet Press, bought world rights directly from the author. Alice Sutherland Hawes at the ASH Literary brokered the deal on behalf of Woodgate. Publication is scheduled for 14th October 2021. 

Little Glow is billed as a "warming celebration of hope", told through the eyes of an introverted lead character, Little Glow, a candle flame that wishes to be bolder and brighter. The flame watches from afar as families in the street celebrate various religious and cultural festivals throughout the year, including Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hannukah, Ramadan and Christmas. But, as a family gathers around Little Glow for their own special celebration, it becomes clear that even the smallest of lights have an important purpose.

The book will be accompanied by learning resources on festivals and fire safety.

Langley-Swain said: “As soon as I read this manuscript, I knew that Little Glow would be exactly what the world will need after a time of unrest and uncertainty, with the nights drawing in once more – a warming glimmer of hope and a vision of the beauty that lies within our inclusive neighbourhood communities."