Owlet coins Royal Mint deal for children's series

Owlet coins Royal Mint deal for children's series

Owlet Press has coined a partnership with the Royal Mint for a series of children's books bringing the story of the Tooth Fairy to life.

The deal, brokered by the Royal Mint and Samuel Langley-Swain, author and founder of Owlet Press, includes a series of children’s titles across picture books, board books and a chapter book. The Royal Mint has secured UK rights in the titles, which will all be written by Langley-Swain.

The core series of picture books will be illustrated by Davide Ortu and are aimed at readers starting to lose their own teeth. The first two stories, to be published on 26th November this year, are entitled The Tooth Fairy and the Home of the Coin Makers and The Tooth Fairy and the Magical Journey.

They will reveal that the iconic fairies visit the Royal Mint every night to plan their visits around the world and pick up the coins for that evening’s deliveries, and every night they work with the Mint Master’s creations to craft coins that are worthy of delivering to the children. Alongside the Tooth Fairy books, the Royal Mint will also be hosting a collection of content on its online children’s hub.

Clare MacLennan, divisional director for commemorative coin and the Royal Mint Experience, said: “We all know and love the story of the Tooth Fairy, but how many of us have stopped to think about where the magical coins under our pillow actually come from? Working closely with Samuel, we are delighted to reveal the long-standing relationship between The Royal Mint and the Tooth Fairy in this range of exciting new books. As the original maker of coins, where else would the Tooth fairy get coins from? For the first time it is revealed in this new series.”

Alongside The Tooth Fairy series, picture book Dilwyn the Welsh Dragon, illustrated by Jessica Rose, sets the scene for younger pre-school readers, explaining how the famous red dragon of Wales was found as a baby, hatching from a magical egg and swimming in mounds of gold coins.

Langley-Swain commented: “I am not only immensely proud of this partnership and what it means for the progression of Owlet Press within the publishing industry, I am also absolutely thrilled to be the author of a new series of books that reimagines a much-loved character to be a more inclusive and an aspirational role model for children.”

The Tooth Fairy and the Home of the Coin-makers, The Tooth Fairy and the Magical Journey and Dilwyn the Welsh Dragon will be published on 26th November 2020.