Overdrive hires new director of business development

<p>E-book distributor OverDrive has hired a new director of business development to oversee its growth in Europe.</p><p>Johanna Brinton, who has worked within the digital media sector for several years, will manage OverDrive&rsquo;s expanded EU publisher and retail and e-commerce businesses from a London base. </p><p>&quot;Johanna brings to OverDrive ten years of hands-on experience working with premium, copyrighted digital media and delivering e-commerce solutions for EU retailers, carriers, and OEMs,&quot; said OverDrive&rsquo;s Erica Lazzaro.</p><p>During this week&rsquo;s Frankfurt Book Fair, OverDrive demonstrated several new e-book and audiobook applications for platforms including PCs, iPads and Android devices. </p>