Overdrive adds new features to e-lending service

<p>Overdrive has announced a series of new features to be introduced to its service this year, including interactive media, DRM-free e-books, periodicals, streaming audiobooks, music, and video.</p><p>The e-lending platform said the new features were aimed at &quot;significantly expand its digital distribution network for copyrighted digital media&quot;.<br /><br />New services include OverDrive Dashboard, which will allow people to analyse information and identify relevant trends, outlets, and suppliers, as well as highlight popular titles and author activities.<br /><br />OverDrive Reciprocal, OverDrive&rsquo;s consolidated bookshelf service, will provide readers with a single location for access across numerous e-book formats, audiobooks, interactive titles and subscriptions. <br /><br />OverDrive First Gear will provide users with enhanced DRM-free e-book and audiobook excerpts for streaming or offline reading, with direct &quot;buy-it-now&quot; options. Overdrive&#39;s e-commerce bookstore platform is also expanding to include services such as e-book clubs and loyalty programs.</p>