'Outstanding' debut Entanglement to The Borough Press

'Outstanding' debut Entanglement to The Borough Press

The Borough Press is to publish an "outstanding" debut novel by Bristol-based writer, Katy Mahood.

Holly Ainley, commissioning editor at The Borough Press, bought UK & Commonwealth rights (with Canada and exclusive Europe) to Entanglement at auction from Sophie Lambert of Conville & Walsh.

Entanglement opens on the platform at Paddington rail station in 2006 as Stella and John await their train to Cornwall. Across the concourse, Charlie is watching. What unfolds is the "captivating" story of the 30 years leading up to this moment as, unknown to them all, the paths of these two families cross over and over.

"Brought to life against a rich and vibrantly described London, this powerful drama examines how the invisible threads of our lives can shape and influence, without us realising: how those sparks of recognition in everyday life, or an unknown brush past a stranger, may even come to define us", the publisher said.

Ainley said: "I haven’t read such a striking debut for a long time. The idea that there is an undetectable web of connections between us is so seductive and Katy brings the concept to life with real care and energy. In a time of such division and uncertainty, it is inspiring to read a novel about our fundamental connectedness. The narrative is incredibly satisfying, touching on the very fabric of life – marriage, relationships, loss and the pursuit of happiness. Its tone reminds me of stories like One Day (Hodder) and The Versions of Us (Weidenfeld and Nicolson)."

Mahood said: "The idea behind Entanglement fizzed away in my head for years. It's a story about the extraordinary nature of everyday lives and the resilience of hope, even in dark times. I've always been fascinated by the way in which, particularly in the city, people's lives can overlap and influence one another long before they meet. I wanted the story to exist in that intersection, with characters whose connection ultimately leads them to a place of hope, despite the challenges, losses and disappointments that they - like each of us - must face along the way. I'm so excited by Holly's vision for the book and I'm absolutely delighted to be working with her and with all the team at Borough."

The Borough Press will publish Entanglement in March 2018. Italian rights have been sold to Francesca Cristoffanini at De Agnosti in a pre-empt, and German rights were sold to Droemer at auction.