New Demon Headmaster story from Cross

New Demon Headmaster story from Cross

Oxford University Press (OUP) Children’s will this year publish a new book in Gillian Cross’ Demon Headmaster series, 35 years after the release of the first title.

The Demon Headmaster: Total Control will, like the original story, follow a girl who is suspicious of the other pupils in her school. They seem to have no power over their actions, leading the heroine to suspect the mysterious headmaster.

Cross said: “The Demon Headmaster appeared in my imagination, out of nowhere, thirty five years ago and he's been in my mind ever since.  I've written this new book because the threat of control never goes away; it just changes to exploit new opportunities.  And I suddenly saw what the Demon Headmaster would be doing today.”

The Demon Headmaster series comprises six novels and several short stories, and has sold more than one million copies, according to OUP. It was made into a children’s TV show in 1996.

OUP is also launching a marketing push for the original books by commissioning new cover artwork and creating point-of-sale packs for bookshops.