Otter-Barry to set up own list

<p>Janetta Otter-Barry, editorial director of Frances Lincoln Children&#39;s Books, is to set up her own list under the Frances Lincoln umbrella, starting in April. Maurice Lyon is to take over as editorial director at Frances Lincoln Children&rsquo;s Books.</p><p>Janetta Otter-Barry Books will produce about 20 titles a year, a mix of picture books, information books and young fiction, and will include authors with whom Otter-Barry has been closely associated. Otter-Barry said: &quot;This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. I am so grateful to John Nicoll for giving me the chance to set up my own list and work even more closely with my authors and illustrators, while having the benefit of all the sales, marketing and production expertise at Frances Lincoln.&quot;<br /><br />Lyon said: &quot;I am delighted to have been invited to lead development of Frances Lincoln Children&rsquo;s Books, a list I&#39;ve long admired.&quot;</p><p>Frances Lincoln Ltd publishes about 200 books a year. Its annual turnover is around &pound;7m and it employs about 40 people. John Nicoll, managing director, said: &quot;I am delighted to be able to give such opportunities to two extremely gifted publishers of children&rsquo;s books.&quot;</p>