Osprey launches self-publishing offer

<p>Specialist history publisher Osprey is launching a self-publishing service with AuthorHouse, aimed at military history writers. The two companies have developed three packages, which range in price from &pound;649 to &pound;1,649 &ndash; plus a premium of &pound;150 for colour publishing.</p><p>Rebecca Smart, m.d of the 40-year-old publisher, brushed off any comparison with vanity publishers, saying it was a special service being offered to Osprey members &quot;many of whom are experts and would like to share their knowledge with other members&quot;.</p><p>The packages been specially &quot;enhanced&quot; for Osprey members. Those on the basic package receive preparation, distribution including ISBNs, UK copyright and up to 10 images within the book. The deluxe package offers US copyright, a standard press release and a returns programme.</p><p>Smart said the move would allow Osprey members further interaction within the community. &quot;As much as we would like to, we are not able to publish every proposal that comes our way, despite the high quality of the writing,&quot; she said, citing the niche nature of much of the work that is declined. &quot;Some subjects do take you by surprise &ndash; some of the most seemingly obscure subjects just storm out of the stores. In those cases, we may talk to the authors about [the possibility of Osprey publishing] it.&quot;</p><p>Tim Davies, AuthorHouse m.d, described the packages as &quot;comprehensive&quot;. He said: &quot;We have been very successful over the past few years in developing self-publishing packages that appeal to aspiring writers everywhere. We are now very pleased to bring our expertise to the military history arena and are looking forward to working with the new authors we hope will join us.&quot;</p><p>Further information about the packages can be found on the<a href="http://www.authorhouse.co.uk/ContactUs/FreePublishingGuide.aspx?source=G... target="_blank" title="AuthorHouse"> AuthorHouse website</a>. </p>