Osprey launches 'Adventures' imprint

Osprey Publishing is launching a new imprint focussing on “the blurred lines where fact and fiction meet”.

The Osprey Adventures imprint will focus on subjects outside the traditional military niche already catered for by the publisher and has been created after Osprey found many of its customers were fans of science fiction and fantasy as well as military history.

Joseph McCullough, project manager for Osprey Adventures, said: “Many of the hobbies with which Osprey books are traditionally associated also encompass more fantastical subjects. By creating new products that cater to these interests, Osprey will continue to serve many of its core readers with their broad interests, while also expanding its reach into a new consumer demographic.”

The first series under Osprey Adventures, Myths and Legends, will explore legends such as King Arthur or Robin Hood, presenting their stories in a straightforward, entertaining style. Artwork and information about the facts behind the stories and how these legends have developed and changed over time will run alongside. The first book is due in stores in March.

A second series, Dark Osprey, will explore the “shadowy worlds” of fantasy, horror, secret societies and conspiracy theories, ranging from zombies and werewolves, through the Nazi occult programs, alien invasions and paranormal investigations. The series will be out in June.

Osprey said: “A third project—wholly digital—is due to be announced shortly.”