Osprey develops first video game

Osprey develops first video game

Osprey has developed its own video game, the first in a planned series, slated for release this summer.

The publisher has created the game, Battleplan: American Civil War, in partnership with Mustard Corporation, a games developer based in Newcastle. The game is a strategy war simulation, were players take control of armies during US Civil War battles and decide on plans and tactics to defeat the enemy. It is built around research, maps and artwork from Osprey's archives.

Michael Ramalho, Osprey's global sales and marketing manager, said releasing the publisher's first game was an "extremely exciting moment". He said: "A large segment of our core customer base are tabletop wargamers, and Battleplan is our digital take on their hobby. It is pitched so that the casual gamer can pick up and play, whilst the more experienced gamer can ratchet up the difficulty and explore the dynamics of realistic command decisions on the battlefield."

He added: "Most importantly, the game engine Mustard have built is imminently scale-able, allowing us to take our series book style of publishing and replicate it with a digital games franchise that will ultimately cover a range of different historical periods.”

Maurice Suckling, project director at Mustard Corporation, said: "We’ve worked to make each battle as historically accurate as possible and have enhanced the whole package with stunning artwork sourced from Osprey."

The game will be available in early July to download for iPad priced at £3.99 and PC at £5.99.