Orwell Prize launches new blog award

<p>The Orwell Prize for political writing launched yesterday (22nd October) with a new commendation for political blogs, in the same year that Orwell&#39;s own diaries were published online as an ongoing blog.</p><p>The Blog Prize is the first award for political blogs in the UK and Northern Ireland to judge the quality of the writing. Bloggers can enter 10 of their posts on the Orwell Prize website, www.theorwell-prize.co.uk. Members of the public can also suggest bloggers in discussion forums on the site. </p><p>It is the first time that the Special Prize, previously awarded to winners such as Clive James, is inviting applicants. The winner will receive &pound;1,000.</p><p>The annual Orwell Prize is now open for submissions in the book, journalism and blog categories until 14th January for all work published for the first time in 2008. Winners receive &pound;3,000 each.</p><p>The longlists will be announced on 25th February 2009, the shortlists on 25th March 2009 and the winners on 22nd April 2009.</p>