Orion wins 'frank' novel about motherhood at auction

Orion wins 'frank' novel about motherhood at auction

A "frank, funny and excruciatingly relatable" novel about motherhood has been snapped up by Orion Fiction at auction.

Harriet Bourton acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to You Can Take Her Home Now by Anna Jefferson, in a two-book deal, from Sarah Ballard at United Agents.

You Can Take Her Home Now is about discovering the reality of motherhood vs the fantasy during the highs and lows of the first year, according to Orion. At its heart is Emily Jones, a new mum who has bought the swanky buggy, planned her labour soundtrack and read the books. Then her little girl actually arrives and Emily realises - she has all the gear and no idea, and only 12 months of maternity leave to figure it out.

As well as exploring the realities of motherhood, the novel is about the power of female friendship, as the women Emily befriends in her first year have a major role in helping see her through to the other side.

Jefferson, based in Brighton, is a playwright, screenwriter and blogger, and founder and co-director of Broken Leg Theatre. She said: "I started writing a blog after having my first child as a way of processing the chaos and wonder of having a baby. It later became the starting point to the book. As much as anything, it is a story about the power of female friendship. How crucial the women around you are for survival, for support and to give you a much-needed belly laugh when everything’s feeling a bit desperate."

Bourton said: "Over half a million readers have bought the bestselling, honest-mother books The Unmumsy Mum and Why Mummy Drinks. I’m incredibly excited to bring Anna’s fresh storytelling to readers who clearly want more of these unflinching accounts of motherhood to laugh and cry along with – and then share with a friend. Anna’s novel is the best depiction of the struggles during this crazy time of a woman’s life that I’ve read. You Can Take Her Home Now is unflinchingly honest, hilarious and – most importantly – truly heartfelt."

You Can Take Her Home Now will be published by Orion in March 2019 in e-book, and in summer 2019 in mass market paperback and audio.