Orion Spring acquires Eusebe's financial wellness guide

Orion Spring acquires Eusebe's financial wellness guide

Orion Spring has acquired an "empowering and essential" book on financial wellness from Melanie Eusebe. 

Publishing director Pippa Wright bought world rights from Lucy Morris at Curtis Brown in an exclusive submission. The title will be published on 29th January 2022. 

Eusebe is a director at business consulting firm Accenture, where she is also the diversity and inclusion lead. She is a co-founder of the Black British Business Awards and founder of Money Moves, a financial empowerment programme and global community of "aspiring business men and women, who come together to grow their careers and businesses through access to practical online training". 

In Financial Wellness and How to Find It, Eusebe will shares the tools and resources needed to reset your relationship with money and take charge of your financial happiness, whatever your situation, and regardless of the economy. The synopsis explains: "When you feel bad about money, it’s hard to feel good about life. We focus on health and wellness as essential for happiness, but so often we choose to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to taking positive action over our finances. Financial wellness doesn’t mean being rich, having a portfolio of stocks and shares, or being #debtfree. It’s about understanding your emotions around money, knowing who you can turn to for support and being aware of your subconscious beliefs about self-worth."

Wright said: "Melanie Eusebe is a business and leadership powerhouse with an inspiring message that financial wellness is something we all deserve, right now, regardless of our bank balance. She reminds us that feeling good about money is achievable for everyone and, most importantly, she shows us how to reach financial wellness ourselves."

Eusebe, who was a judge for the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction, commented: "Financial wellness is not just about managing debt, budgets and getting lost in spreadsheets. It is a reflection of who we are, our sense of purpose and what we want to do with this thing called ‘life’. It’s about creating a financial plan that will not restrict you, but free you."