Orion Spring lands Purvis guide for insecure girls

Orion Spring lands Purvis guide for insecure girls

Orion Spring has landed YouTube star and blogger Olivia Purvis’ practical empowerment guide for insecure girls and women, to accompany her popular Instagram account.

Emily Barrett, commissioning editor, acquired world rights to The Insecure Girl’s Handbook from Abigail Bergstrom at Gleam Titles. It will be published on 6th February 2020.

Purvis started the Instagram page “The Insecure Girls’ Club” at the end of 2018 as a safe space for women to embrace their vulnerabilities and empower themselves. It has now amassed more than 49,000 followers.

The publisher explained: “The Insecure Girl’s Handbook is the accompanying book to the Instagram page: the first of its kind to deal with the issue head-on in a friendly, positive and practical approach, looking at the ways insecurity can pull us down in our work life, friendships, relationships and through affecting our self-worth, and offering tried and tested mechanisms and perspective shifts to overcome this.”

Barrett said: “Books that bring together the collective wisdom of women such as Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (Penguin) and The Pool’s Life Honestly (Bluebird) have struck a chord over the last few years and it’s easy to see why – there is so much insight to be gained from community and talking to each other, and comfort in knowing we’re all in it together and feeling the same way. The Insecure Girl’s Handbook does both these things, with Olivia’s friendly, empowering voice leading you through the many ways insecurity binds us and how we can free ourselves from it. Every woman I know will benefit from reading it.”

Purvis added: “After having endless conversations with friends around common insecurities, I realised women all over the world were probably having the exact same discussions – and that maybe it was time we all stopped feeling embarrassed or worried about being ‘insecure’. This book is a celebration of those things – a nod to the solidarity we all share in our insecurities and being vulnerable – and a peppy pick me up when we really need it to remind us that we’re all worth it in our own individual ways.

“I really want The Insecure Girl’s Handbook to be the resource I had when I was a teenager, and to be fully reflective of the conversations I had and still continue to have now with some of the most brilliant women in my life. To show that insecurities aren’t our weaknesses, but our strengths – and that by sharing them we can make the world a little bit smaller.”