Orion Spring acquires 'groundbreaking' parent-and-child sleep guide

Orion Spring acquires 'groundbreaking' parent-and-child sleep guide

Orion Spring will publish Love to Sleep: Good Nights and Happy Days for Your Child and You, the "groundbreaking" parent-and-child sleep guide from Instagrammers Calm & Bright Sleep Support, a.k.a. sisters Eve Squires and Gemma Fryer. 

Sam Eades, publishing director, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Hannah Ferguson at Hardman & Swainson. The title will be published in e-book, audio and trade paperback in December 2021. 

Squires, a mum of four, and Fryer, a paediatric nurse of 18 years, founded Calm & Bright Sleep Support in 2009 with a mission to "help exhausted parents enable solid sleep in a brand-new way".

In their book, the duo will explore the pivotal role of the parent in their child’s sleep and explore the impact of sleep deprivation on the physical and mental health of the whole family. They will use their "unique, love-led" approach to challenge parents to cast aside restrictive beliefs and behaviours that contribute directly to broken sleep cycles. 

Eades said: "Calm & Bright Sleep Support were a lifeline to me during those long, lonely nights with a new baby, and I have recommended their channel and plans to everyone I know. I’m delighted to be working with sisters Eve and Gemma to share their love-led method with the thousands of parents who are struggling with the effects of sleep deprivation."

Squires and Fryer commented: "This book extends our hand of support to the parents who need it the most. Our message is that there is a new way to 'do' sleep, a way that is free of guilt and judgement, of shame and 'shoulds'. Our hope for this book is that it will release families from the shackles of a life without sleep and inspire healing, harmony and hope in the lives of those who read it."