Orion partners with Firsty Group on SF Gateway app

Orion partners with Firsty Group on SF Gateway app

Orion and digital services company Firsty Group have teamed up to deliver the e-book and audio titles of SF Gateway, the sister imprint of Gollancz, through a branded app. 

Firsty has designed a bespoke app for SF Gateway, powered by its digital publishing provider Glassboxx, that will house all digital titles bought directly from the publisher. 

Glassboxx, which launched in 2020, offers publishers the ability to sell and deliver e-books and audiobooks from their own websites. This deal marks the first Glassboxx branded app to be designed for a publisher, and SF Gateway’s brand design and identity will be present across the app “creating an immersive publisher-reader experience”, Firsty said. 

Hachette has also been working with Firsty on the prospect of implementing Glassboxx across many of its imprints, the company said.

The announcement comes 10 years after Orion launched SF Gateway, which makes thousands of out of print science-fiction titles available digitally through an online portal.

Marcus Gipps (pictured), editorial director at Orion Books, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Glassboxx to make the SF Gateway–the world’s largest collection of classic science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime–available directly to our readers. There’s a wealth of material waiting to be rediscovered, from undisputed titans of the genre such as Frank Herbert and Ursula le Guin, to unrecognised gems from authors all over the world.”

Firsty founder Darin Brockman added: “The notion of powering apps using our Glassboxx solution, designed specifically for a publisher, only furthers our goal of bringing readers and publishers closer. We’re thrilled to be working with Hachette on such an innovative and bold move.”