Orion Fiction pre-empts two from Hennigan

Orion Fiction pre-empts two from Hennigan

Orion Fiction editorial director Charlotte Mursell has pre-empted The Truth Will Out, a "claustrophobic tale of obsession" from debut author Rosemary Hennigan, in a two-book deal. 

The deal for UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, was made with Hayley Steed at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency.

The Truth Will Out will follow the fragile dynamic between a cast of characters who fall into the depths of jealousy and paranoia as they begin to rehearse an acclaimed play which is steeped in controversy. As the opening of the play draws closer, the cast find it harder to seperate themselves from their characters. 

Orion Fiction will publish the title in hardback, e-book and audio in March 2022. 

Mursell said: "Think 'Black Swan' meets Sweet Sorrow, The Truth Will Out isn’t a book you simply read, you gulp it down feverishly while the characters creep under your skin in a wholly unsettling way. A dark, claustrophobic tale of obsession and of the desperate desire to be loved, Rosemary’s debut snatched me up in its clutches from the very first page. I’m so proud that we will be launching her career on the Orion Fiction list."

Hennigan commented: "It is an absolute dream to be publishing this book with Charlotte and the team at Orion Fiction. I feel so lucky to have such editorial talent behind me, as well as Charlotte's passion and vision for the novel, which has blown me away. I am also deeply grateful for the unwavering support and keen eye of Hayley, who has been an amazing advocate. I can't wait for readers to enter the world of Dara Gaffney and the rest of the cast, where the past comes creeping into the present, fact blurs into fiction, and the truth gets lost somewhere in between. I loved writing this book with all its sinister turns and I am so excited to see it out in the world!"