Orion acquires saga from editor Parrott

Orion acquires saga from editor Parrott

Orion has bought a trilogy of saga novels by editor Jenny Parrott, writing under the pseudonym Kitty Danton.

Laura Gerrard, commissioning editor at Orion Fiction, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to the books from Cathryn Summerhayes at WME.

Parrott has worked as an editor at Bloomsbury, Virgin, Harper Collins and Little, Brown, and is currently freelancing and at Oneworld, where she recently launched a new literary crime and thriller imprint.

The first book in her deal with Orion is Eliza’s Make Do and Mend, focusing on Eliza, a new teacher in a Devon primary school.

After discovering that her fiancé, Timmy, has been less than faithful, Eliza is faced with a dilemma of the heart - she must try to mend their relationship or otherwise cut all ties and move on.

Parrott said: “I’m really thrilled to be joining Orion’s fabulous roster of writers – it’s certainly going to be illuminating seeing things from the other side of the fence. I’m hoping readers will enjoy reading about my young heroine Eliza’s Second World War experiences as much as I’m enjoying writing about her and her friends. The novels are set in Devon where I grew up, and where my mother, who became a teacher herself, spent her own wartime years and is sharing plenty of anecdotes with me.”

Summerhayes said: “Jenny has been a friend for many years and a brilliant editor of a number of my books - she has made the transition to author seamlessly and I'm sure Kitty Danton is soon to become a big name in saga writing.”

Eliza’s Make Do and Mend will be published by Orion in April 2016 as a £7.99 paperback original and £4.99 e-book.