Orenda signs Norwegian literary thriller by Ravatn

Orenda signs Norwegian literary thriller by Ravatn

Orenda Books has signed a literary thriller, titled The Bird Tribunal, from Norwegian author Agnes Ravatn.

Karen Sullivan, publisher of Orenda Books, acquired world English language rights in the novel from Eirin Hagen of the Hagen Agency.

The Bird Tribunal is a tense thriller and a descriptive account of a developing relationship between a man and a woman in an isolated country house. It has already been turned into a theatre production in Norway.

Hagen described the book as “a tight, classic drama about a woman who goes into hiding to overcome her shame and a man that must deal with his guilt”. She added: “It ends up in a battle between life and death. The Bird Tribunal is an original novel with international appeal, and we are thrilled to have it published by Orenda Books.”

Sullivan said she was “overjoyed” to be publishing the book. “I've had my eye on the book for quite some time and my hunch that it was perfect for Orenda Books…An exceptionally gripping, chilling and tense literary thriller – Rebecca-esque, perhaps – that builds to a stunning crescendo, this is a book that will attract a wide readership." She continued: “Agnes is a young writer with a fabulous future ahead of her, and I’m honoured to publish her for the first time in English.”

Ravatn said she was “thrilled” her book would be available in English and added:  “The remote house by the fiord where the two characters in the novel try to forget their past and start a new life may seem unfamiliar, but I hope the story will be as disturbing and enthralling for an English audience that it has been for Norwegian readers.”

Orenda Books will publish The Bird Tribunal in late Spring 2016.