Orenda signs psychological thriller from Paul Burston in Frankfurt deal

Orenda signs psychological thriller from Paul Burston in Frankfurt deal

Orenda Books has signed Paul Burston’s “disturbingly relevant” thriller The Closer I Get in a Frankfurt pre-empt, two-book deal.

Karen Sullivan, publisher of Orenda Books, struck the deal for World English language in Burston’s The Closer I Get and a second (untitled) book with David Headley of DHH Literary Agency.

Described as “a dark and disturbing, character-driven psychological thriller”, The Closer I Get focuses on the relationship that develops between a bestselling author, Tom, and a troubled social media ‘follower’, Evie, who won’t leave him alone, thereby also promising a searing commentary on the world of online ‘friendships’.

Sullivan said: “Paul Burston has written a multi-layered, shockingly believable, prescient and powerful page-turner, with two main characters vying for the readers’ trust and attention, and he succeeds not only in confounding expectations but twisting the narrative so convincingly that it becomes impossible to distinguish who is telling the truth and what is real. Paul is a tremendously talented and perceptive writer, and this powerful thriller not only showcases his distinctive voice, but asks questions, and prods the dark side of our online interactions.”

She added: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Paul to ‘Team Orenda’ … his passion for debate, his vibrant personality, his inspiring contribution to the LGBTQ+ community and his exquisite writing add so much to our growing list, and stretch it in all the right directions."

The Closer I Get will be published in 2019 by Orenda Books.

Burston has written five novels and is the editor of two short story collections. He is also the curator and host of the award-winning LGBT literary salon Polari at London's Southbank Centre and founder of The Polari First Book Prize for debut authors.