Orenda and Lounge Books team up to launch crime newsletter

Orenda and Lounge Books team up to launch crime newsletter

A new crime fiction newsletter featuring e-book deals is launching, aiming to "meet the needs of the ever growing fiction market".

Independent publisher Orenda Books and book website Lounge Books have teamed up to produce Crime Lounge, spurred on by what they described as a lack of publisher-agnostic crime fiction newsletters.

It will include six e-book deals and details of new crime releases, while new joiners will get a copy of Orenda title Six Stories by Matt Weslowski.

Sam Missingham, founder of Lounge Books, said: "It has been amazing to watch the rise and rise of crime fiction. Our aim is to serve the passionate and voracious readers with The Crime Lounge. Orenda Books have been doing exactly that with her sensational crime list. I’m delighted to be working with Karen on this."

Orenda Books publisher Karen Sullivan said: "Teaming up with Sam and Lounge Books is a fabulous opportunity to ensure that our amazing books reach more hands. The Crime Lounge is going to be THE place to go for the next best crime read, and it’s an honour to be involved in this project."

The newsletter can be signed up for here. Information about advertising opportunities for authors and publishers is available here.