Drawings by the late Iain M Banks to be published

Drawings by the late Iain M Banks to be published

Orbit is publishing a book of original drawings by Iain M Banks, the late Scottish author behind the Culture science-fiction series of novels about a utopian space society.

The book, celebrating the author’s vision of the Culture universe, will comprise previously unseen drawings, most of which are annotated by the author and many of which predate the writing of the novels themselves.

It will be curated by the Iain M Banks estate and science fiction writer Ken MacLeod, a "life-long" friend to Banks before he died in 2013

With additional commentary from MacLeod, further notes on the Culture and extracts from the Culture novels will provide "a unique insight into the Culture, including its history, language, technology, philosophy and values" according to Little, Brown.

Orbit, the SF imprint of Little, Brown Book Group, acquired world rights through literary agent Mic Cheetham. It will publish in 2019 simultaneously in the UK and the US.

Tim Holman, Orbit publisher, said: "The Culture novels of Iain M Banks have been enjoyed by millions of readers around the world, and one of Iain’s great achievements is his vision of the Culture itself. These many drawings, maps and sketches reveal both the astonishing imagination behind the Culture and Iain’s passion for every detail of the universe he created. It’s incredible to see how the Culture was taking shape even before he wrote the novels. I’m thrilled that the Estate has given us permission to publish the collection, and that owing to special circumstances Ken MacLeod has agreed to join the team working on it."