Orbit acquires two Jason Arnopp thrillers at auction

Orbit acquires two Jason Arnopp thrillers at auction

Orbit UK is publishing a thriller about the untimely demise of a social media star. 

Orbit UK acquired two titles at auction by Jason Arnopp, an author, script-writer and journalist who has previously written fiction for "Doctor Who" and "Friday the 13th", comedy for Radio 4, and who has worked as a journalist for publications such as Heat, Q, The Word, Kerrang! and SFX. 

The first book acquired, The Last Days of Jack Sparks, claims to be the account of the untimely demise of Jack Sparks – a controversial journalist and social media star who died during the course of researching his new book on the occult. It will be released in July 2016. 

Anna Jackson, senior editor at Orbit UK, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Oli Munson at A M Heath in an auction involving three other publishers.  

Jackson said: “I'm so excited to be working with Jason Arnopp on The Last Days of Jack Sparks – a chilling, addictive and razor-sharp tale about the downfall of a highly provocative figure in the world of social media. Whatever your thoughts about Jack Sparks himself, the world will be gripped to read about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. Whilst many questions will be answered, ultimately the reader will be invited to decide for themselves exactly what happened to Jack."

Arnopp added: “I’m very pleased that the story of Jack’s final days will be revealed to the world, and I’m overwhelmed to see the reaction the book has had so far. It explores many questions about Jack’s life – why was he so convinced the exorcism he observed was fake? Who really created that terrifying video that appeared on his YouTube channel? This book will provide some answers. But I warn you now: this is a deeply unsettling read…”

For the release of The Last Days of Jack Sparks, Orbit is planning a digital campaign starting this Halloween (www.JackSparks.co.uk).