Oppenheimer's volcano research to erupt with Hodder

Oppenheimer's volcano research to erupt with Hodder

Hodder & Stoughton will publish a book by Clive Oppenheimer, a documentary filmmaker and professor of volcanology at the University of Cambridge. 

Anna Baty, senior commissioning editor, acquired world all language rights direct from the author. Publication is scheduled for spring 2022. 

Provisionally titled Mountains of Fire, the book will take readers across six continents and combine science, history, nature, myth and legend, travel and adventure. Oppenheimer's research measuring and mapping volcanoes will reveal how entangled volcanic activity is with the climate and environment, as well as the economy, politics, culture and beliefs, and ultimately define the course of human history, says the publisher. 

Pictured: Oppenheimer

Baty said: "I have been blown away by the stories of Clive’s adventures around the world and his outstanding writing skill. This is science in action, a book that takes us out into the world and allows us to see it in completely different terms, leaving us awestruck with wonder and excitement. The book will be a tapestry of subjects, with elements of travel writing, observations of the natural world, fascinating characters from history, as well as scientific discovery."

Oppenheimer commented: "Volcanoes mean more than threat and calamity. Most of the time they are captivating and magical places that have always inspired the human imagination. I hope readers will share in the sense of awe and sheer excitement of working beside fiery craters, and will be moved by the interwoven tales of volcanic nature and humankind."