O'Porter lifts lid on lockdown life for HarperCollins

O'Porter lifts lid on lockdown life for HarperCollins

HarperCollins has snapped-up a “raucously funny” non-fiction book from Dawn O'Porter which sees the writer lift the lid on her life in lockdown.

Kimberley Young, executive publisher for HarperFiction, acquired all language rights to Life in Pieces direct from the author. It will be published in hardback in October.

The publisher explained: “From reflections on grief and therapy, bad hair and parenting, sleep and spirituality, quitting Twitter and 'quarantine belly', Dawn shares a daily diary of a year we’ll all remember forever – told with her trademark frankness and zeitgeisty eye.

Young said: “When life flips you the finger, you can either laugh or cry, but Life in Pieces will make you do both. I’m forever in awe of Dawn’s storytelling – it’s bold, brilliant and always pushes the boundaries – and it’s been incredible to see her novels The Cows (HarperCollins) and So Lucky (HarperCollins) finding such a wide, avid readership. Now we can’t wait to get even more readers hooked on Dawn; Life in Pieces is the perfect book to press into the hands of anyone who thinks they’re alone, who wants to laugh through the darker times, or who just wants to stick it to 2020.”

O’Porter added: “I swore I'd never write non-fiction again; that level of personal overshare was what my twenties were all about, not my forties. But then I found myself in 2020 and when lockdown started, I couldn't stop writing. How did I have so much to say, when nothing was happening? What I’ve ended up with is a collection of diary entries that tell a story of a six-month period in which I’ve had to examine the miniature and major aspects of my life. From losing my friend and parenting under pressure, to drinking too much and the racial conflicts on the streets outside, 2020 has taught me lessons I'll take with me forever – and it's a pleasure to share them.”