Ooh, ahh, Cantona back to Manchester

<p>Manchester United legend Eric Cantona and film-maker Ken Loach are to appear at the premiere of Loach&rsquo;s new film about, and starring, the footballer in Manchester on 1st June. Route Publishing releases the tie-in title on the 8th June.</p><p>&quot;Looking for Eric&quot; is the story of a &quot;football-fanatic postman on the edge of a nervous breakdown who finds a very special life-coach in the guise of his hero, Eric Cantona&quot; according to the publisher. The &pound;8.99 B-format paperback screenplay includes interviews with cast and crew including Loach and Cantona, with 16 pages of stills and behind-the-scenes photos.</p><p>Cantona is scheduled to appear on BBC1&#39;s &quot;Friday Night with Jonathan Ross&quot; on 5th June, with publicity planned in <em>Sunday Telegraph Seven </em>magazine and <em>Guardian Weekend</em> magazine in May, plus <em>Empire, GQ</em> and <em>Sight &amp; Sound</em> magazine in June. </p><p>Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty will hold a signing at Waterstone&#39;s Deansgate Manchester on 1st June, and Laverty at Waterstone&#39;s Glasgow on 6th June. </p>