Onwe to publish Rahman's historical novel An Ayah's Choice

Onwe to publish Rahman's historical novel An Ayah's Choice

Indie publisher Onwe has acquired An Ayah's Choice by Shahida Rahman, a historical novel which will tell the story of a young Indian nanny who seeks a new life for herself in Britain in the midst of the suffragette movement. 

The synopsis reads: "In a small Indian village in 1900, 19-year-old Jaya Devani yearns for freedom beyond the confines of the life expected of her. When she begins a tumultuous love affair with her British colonial employer she finds herself on course for a new life as an ayah, a nanny, in London. Arriving on British shores as the suffragette movement is growing, Jaya begins to grapple with a choice: can she really find freedom in the arms of her British lover, or will she have to seek out her own way to truly be free?"

The publisher acquired world rights direct from the author and publication is scheduled for 8th February 2022. 

The publisher commented: "An Ayah's Choice is an incredible novel that paints an emotional portrait of one woman's journey to freedom and independence against a powerful backdrop of the suffragette movement and the crucial, yet overlooked, history of Indian ayahs in Britain."

Rahman said: "I wrote An Ayah's Choice to revive South Asian history — which is rarely discussed – in a fictional setting. This is particularly important, as we tend to forget the huge contribution that immigrants have made to our economy, turning adversity into survival and success. I am thrilled and honoured to be working with Onwe Press to share my story, which encompasses key themes of feminism, race, identity and the immigrant experience. I'm very much looking forward to this exciting journey of every author's dream!"

Rahman is the author of historical fiction novel Lascar (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2012).