Online video platform for children’s books launches

Online video platform for children’s books launches

Sigalit Hart, a children’s storyteller and producer, has launched an online TV channel dedicated to children’s books.

The KRiB, which launched this week, consists of videos about ‘books to try’, a review show and vlogs about new releases, and is presented by and aimed at children aged 7-12.

Hart decided to launch the channel with her partner Daniel Hart and creative director Bruno Centofanti after a period of storytelling in libraries and schools. “I noticed that often kids were basing their reading choices and preferences on social influences. Whereas kids aged 6 and under were more influenced by their parents, kids aged 7 + seemed to make decisions differently. More so in the last 10 years, with the super accessibility and social influence of tablets, TV, smartphones, apps and the media.”

The KRiB platform is free for users but will be funded by adverts from “child-safe and family-friendly brands” (although Hart says she will not place brand advertisement videos appear before or after her own videos), as well as contributions from publishers.

“In due course it is beneficial for publishers to contribute to content they want covered, firstly and most importantly to support the platform staying free for the public and second of all, because of the fantastic publicity and quality content they too will be able to have access to,” she said, pointing out that publishers will be able to suggest content and themes for the shows.

She is also keen to work with schools and libraries in the UK, and will promote the site through “word of mouth” on social media channels.

“We encourage anyone with the same passion for child literacy or who is a parent, to support this platform and spread the word and share our content. Let's really try and create a reading revolution,” she said.