Oneworld signs US debut

Oneworld signs US debut

Oneworld has bought two novels by debut novelist Ryan Ireland.

Rosalind Porter did a deal for world English language rights with Anna Webber at United Agents.

The first book, Beyond the Horizon, is set in frontier America, where a man is living with a pregnant woman who is not his wife. When a stranger appears and advises the man to register the baby as his own, he sets off, leaving the stranger and woman alone, only for the stranger to kill the woman and set off in pursuit of the man.

Porter said: "I can honestly say without any hyperbole that Beyond the Horizon is the most affecting debut novel I have ever read. Menacing, lyrical and structurally fearless, it takes its cue from Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian before forging ahead and etching out its own unique place in the anti-Western, gothic tradition."

She added: "Everyone in-house was completely gripped by it and we all felt that something truly original had come our way."

Beyond the Horizon will be published in hardback in February 2015, with a second novel following in 2016.