Oneworld signs second book by altruism philosopher MacAskill

Oneworld signs second book by altruism philosopher MacAskill

Oneworld has acquired the second book by “the most exciting philosopher of his generation” Dr William MacAskill.

Senior commissioning editor Alex Christofi won UK and Commonwealth rights from Max Brockman for The Million Year View, which will be published in spring 2022.

The synopsis states: “The book will examine how taking a long-term perspective – not just five or ten years, but far beyond our lifetime – forces us to radically reconsider our priorities. Whether we are talking about warfare, the economy, the climate or even space travel, we need to fundamentally change what we are doing. Each small action we take today will have a monumental impact on those who are yet to come.”

MacAskill, 31, has become the youngest tenured philosophy professor in the world and a leading voice in the “effective altruism” movement. The founder of Oxford University’s Global Priorities Institute, his non-profits have collectively raised over £1.13bn in lifetime pledged donations. First book, Doing Good Better (Avery) won praise from Bill Gates, Steven D. Levitt and Steven Pinker.

Christofi said: “William MacAskill is that rare creature: a philosopher who thinks carefully about how to change the world, and then goes out and does it. He’s the most exciting philosopher of his generation – and a strong contender for the best human.”