Oneworld pre-empts 'tragicomic' history of Eastern Europe from Mikanowski

Oneworld pre-empts 'tragicomic' history of Eastern Europe from Mikanowski

Oneworld has pre-empted Goodbye, Eastern Europe! An All but Forgotten History by Jacob Mikanowski.

Senior commissioning editor Cecilia Stein bought UK and Commonwealth rights, including e-book and audio rights, from Carrie Plitt at Felicity Bryan Associates, on behalf of Sam Stoloff at the Frances Goldin Literary Agency. Oneworld will publish simultaneously with Pantheon in the US in summer 2022. 

Stein said: "The idea of Eastern Europe is disappearing and yet there is so much more to this region than shared political subjection. From the Baltics to the Balkans, from Prague to Kiev, Jacob homes in on the vivid, tragicomic particulars of daily life. In weaving this level of nuance through Empires and world wars, Jacob will create an unparalleled work of history and memory. As soon as I started reading the proposal, I was willing the book into existence! And as we reckon with the practical and intellectual effects of Brexit, Goodbye, Eastern Europe! will provide comfort, context, humour and an irresistible sense of nostalgia."

Mikanowski is a writer, academic and journalist with 20 years' experience studying and writing about Eastern Europe. He commented: "This subject is close to my heart. My fascination with Eastern Europe sprang from my own experiences in Warsaw during the last days of communism, and my grandparents’ stories of living in Vilnius and Minsk during the Second World War. Their lives were part of a much broader story. 

"This book is an attempt to expose this captivating and complex history. Today, the UK may be the most significant outpost of Eastern European thought and culture in the world. I’m tremendously excited to be published here."