Oneworld acquires 'urgent' book on mortality from Toolis

Oneworld acquires 'urgent' book on mortality from Toolis

Oneworld will publish Kevin Toolis’ new book, Nine Rules to Conquer Death, on 15th October 2020.

Editorial director Sam Carter acquired UK and Commonwealth and audio rights (excluding Canada) from Paul Bresnick at Bresnick Literary Agency.

The synopsis for Nine Rules to Conquer Death asks: "In a world spiralling into chaos over the viral pandemic, how do we face the greatest but eternal challenge of our lives: our own fear of mortality?" To answer this question, Toolis will explore how our ancestors faced death and show readers how the same 'rules' can be applied today. 

Carter said "There are few people who can write as movingly and precisely as Kevin about death. It’s a joy to work with him on this profound and urgent book." 

Toolis commented: "In this viral pandemic we are catching sight of how our ancestors lived and thrived for thousands of years despite the ever-present uncertainty of random disease and sudden inexplicable mortality. Together our ancestors followed an ancient rule book that allowed them to conquer and face death together. All I have really done in writing Nine Rules to Conquer Death is just note down those rules and show how the wisdom of the past can help all of us now lead more fruitful, less fear-filled lives and learn to accept our mortality."

Toolis has previously published My Father's Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die (W&N, 2017).