Octopus signs Instagram 'sensation' Unspirational

Octopus signs Instagram 'sensation' Unspirational

Octopus Publishing Group’s Cassell imprint has commissioned a book by Instagram “sensation” Unspirational.

Commissioning editor Hannah Knowles acquired world English rights to Texts From Your Ex from Anna Carmichael at Abner Stein, on behalf of Foundry Literary + Media.

Unspirational was established in 2014 by “social media phenomenon” and television producer Elan Gale. It is described as a “dark and mysterious force hell-bent on the eradication of misguided positivity…aiming to provide the world with humour through morbidity, negativity, and brutal honesty”.

Knowles said: “Texts From Your Ex’s wry comments on hilarious exchanges between former flames is snort-into-your-tea, wince-inducingly funny; and also serves to reassure you that you’re not alone in experiencing the phenomenon that is the dreaded text from your ex.”

Texts From Your Ex will be published in £6.99 paperback on 3rd September.