Octopus signs illusionist Oake

Octopus signs illusionist Oake

Octopus Publishing Group’s Cassell imprint has commissioned the first book by "Britain’s Got Talent" finalist Darcy Oake.

Commissioning Editor Hannah Knowles acquired world all languages rights in Behind The Illusion: Unlocking the 9 Types of Magic from Gilles Paquin at Paquin Entertainment Group.

Oake got to the final of ITV’s "Britain’s Got Talent" in 2014.

In the book he will take readers through the nine traditionally accepted forms of magic: appearance, disappearance, transformation, restoration, transposition, penetration, levitation, mindreading and escapology, devoting a chapter to each one.

Covering the origins and science behind various illusions, Oake “shows how magicians make us believe they can turn inanimate objects into everything from doves to people, how mind reading and escapology work and much more”.

Cassell said that an illusion will be “embedded in the book, which will be woven into publicity on publication”.

Knowles said: “Darcy lit up the nation's screens and social media with his appearances on "Britain's Got Talent" and his upcoming book on unlocking the psychology behind the nine types of magic is a real gem, published to coincide with his world tour this autumn.”

Oake said: “I look forward to sharing my passion for illusion and magic in this book, and giving readers a few insider secrets and a rare glimpse ‘behind the illusion’.”

Behind The Illusion: Unlocking the 9 Types of Magic will be published on 3rd September 2015 at £18.99.