Octopus buys art and science book to wax lyrical over the Moon

Octopus buys art and science book to wax lyrical over the Moon

Ahead of the lunar eclipse this evening, Octopus imprint llex Press has acquired "a rich and curious history" of the Moon and what it means to humanity by Alexandra Loske and Robert Massey.

In Moon: Art, Science, Culture, Loske, an art historian and curator at The Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museums, and Massey, an astronomer and deputy executive director at the Royal Astronomical Society, strive to show readers "the sheer beauty of the Moon itself, of human imagination, and human achievements".

The collection of images and essays marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstong’s first steps on its surface in 1969 and will chart various events in the Moon's history, from its violent birth to the story of the Space Race and current exploration efforts.

Commissioning editor Zara Anvari, who acquired world rights all languages, called it an "awe-inspiring book ahead of 2019’s celebrations" and "an informative, intriguing and enlightening survey, full of surprises and brimming with beautiful images".

She added: "This book is perfect for anyone with a curious mind and will fill readers with artistic and scientific wanderlust."

Moon will be published on 4th October 2018 as a £20 hardback.